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Rating: 9.3/10 (90 votes cast)

Honestly Raze 2 a pretty fun fast paced shootout game but lacks in the competitive play of multiplayer which games like TDP4 manages to pull off very well . Excluding the multiplayer this game is actually better.
The human campaign is pretty fun. the matches r good and some of your team mates do pretty well. however in the alien campaign everything just goes bad.The enemy becomes amazing and your team mates- well quite the reverse… a 5 year old would play better. You would actually fare better if u were solo instead of having any team mates in many situations. In deathmatches your teammates are a burden more than anything else.

However the quick matches are quite fun. With good skills and quick reflexes you can pull upto a hundred kills easily. With plenty of weapons and special skills it actually offers a lot of hours of gameplay. the gameplay itself is relatively good . The weapons are easy of learn one only the rocket launchers can consistently OHKO but may end up killing you which allows the game to be balanced . The skins are a nice addition as well as the kill bonuses. This allows hardcore players to spend more time in this game to unlock each and every bonus for extra credits. the equipments allow personal touches to the character as each can be suited to the persons play style.
I would give this game a 7/10 . All things considered this offers no multiplayer and the alien campaign is just not good enough . the gameplay while good does get repetitive after a while . Just the addition of multiplayer in this game would be a significant improvement and a huge boost to the popularity too . But if u have a couple of hours to spend and looking for a browser game then this is a pretty good one to pick up.

Raze 2 Game, 9.3 out of 10 based on 90 ratings
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